Import Specifications for Locations

Location data is a required element for the Syntelic Route Planning system.  The Location import can also include distribution centers, pickup or backhaul sites, and other service or layover location data.

More guidelines for the formatting of imports can be found here: Import Formatting Guidelines

A summary of the attributes importable for each Location are summarized in the table below.  Some of the data fields are optional, but a few are required, as indicated by the asterisk (*).

Field NameDescriptionData TypeLength
Division ID*Identifier of the owner Division of this resource.Text25
ID*Customer number or identifier.Text25
Name*Descriptive name of location.Text100
Address 1*Street Adress (Not PO Box).Text100
Address 2Additional address information such as PO Box, Suite #, etc.Text100
City*City name.Text100
State*State or Province abbreviation.Text25
Zip or Postal CodeStandard or +4 postal code.Text25
CommentsUser-defined delivery information.Text500
ContactPrimary contact name.Text100
PhoneTelephone number which can include country code, area code, and extension.Text25
Stop Type*Delivery, pickup, distribution center, other.Text25
Time Zone*Standard time zone code.Text25
Account TypeCustomer or location category, e.g., convenience store, institutional, fast food.Text25
LatitutdeIncludes positive/negative indicator and decimal degrees.Numeric
LongitudeIncludes positive/negative indicator and decimal degreesNumeric
Delivery DaysCharacter string, e.g. MWF that indicates the regular delivery days of each location.Text25
Time WindowsFormat to be discussed
Service Time FactorsFormat to be discussedNumeric
Flexible ColumnsOptional field(s) as defined by the client.Text, Numeric, Boolean, DateVariable