Paragon Interface

A keyword parameter named Minimum Layover Length, expressed as a time duration, was added that is used by the application such that any planned off-duty break that is the specified length or longer will be designated as a layover when stored in the Syntelic database.

Omnitracs WMC Interface Mode

A keyword parameter OtxWmcMode was added to the WMC interface to direct the application to operate in one of the following modes (the keyword values are the same as listed, without the embedded spaces):

  • Send Active Plan
  • Send Pre Plan
  • Clear Active Plan
  • Clear Pre Plan
  • Clear All Pre Plans

Omnitracs WMC Audits

The audit feature was activated for the Omnitracs WMC interface. This feature is activated using the AuditRouteCommits keyword in the action name (structured as a true/false boolean parameter). When activated, each plan route committed (sent) to an Omnitracs unit is posted to the audit log. In a view, these audits can be seen by selecting the “Packer Build” audits (this name will be changed in a future release).

Omnitracs Interface

The Omnitracs interface now recognizes the two new workflow transactions which result in Route Announce and Route Start route events. The interface was also upgraded to (1) operate with an updated template provided by Omnitracs and (2) strictly use stop ID for matching events to stops (stop number had inadvertently been used in some places), and (3) use a more structured format for the planID (which is displayed to the driver) so that it may be reliably parsed when receiving ESS transactions.

Common Interface

Within the common interface, when a chain of events for one driver and one vehicle is being reviewed in chronological order, and a long off-duty period (gap) is encountered, the chain is generally split at that point – and this will typically result in two routes being formed, one before the gap and one after (although other factors may possibly bring those routes back together). However, with this enhancement, the common interface was enhanced in such a way that, when a long off-duty gap is encountered, and the next event does not indicate a conflict of driver, vehicle, or route ID, but the chain (when compared to what appears to be the associated plan) has not reached its intended final location (return domicile), then the gap will be ignored, and the chain will continue (that is, the route will not be split at that point).

Merge Routes

The framework for a new Merge Route function available to views having route as the primary table. Currently implemented portions allow the function to be selected on a view, for the appropriate icon to be displayed, and for the executiuon dialog to be displayed when the function is invoked for two selected routes, If executed by clicking the OK button, the Merge Route function currently takes no action.

Route Planner Error

In certain situations involving locked routes, the application would encounter an unexpected error condition when re-planning or scheduling a rote. This condition has been corrected.

Paragon Interface DST Date Conversion Error

For routes spanning a daylight saving time change, invalid date-time combinations are specified by Paragon, causing Syntelic application to hit an unexpected error and stop processing. The process was changed to adjust the erroneous date by assuming no DST and continue processing.

Export Sequential File Number Correction

The export process includes an option to build an output filename using a {SeqNN} keyword that generates a sequential file number. That feature had become inoperable, but has now been corrected.

Route Document Video Formats

Various video mime formats were added to expand the types of files that can be stored and retrieved using the route document feature. The current list configured in the application is as follows (however, the actual behavior of the feature is somewhat dependent on the configuration of each user’s PC): .3gp: video/3gpp .3gp2: video/3gpp2 .avi: video/x-msvideo .bmp: image/bmp .csvtext/csv .doc,.word: application/msword .docx: application/ vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document .f4v: video/x-f4v .flv: video/x-flv .gif: image/gif .html: text/html .jpg,.jpeg: image/jpeg .m4v: video/x-m4v .mp2,.mp3,.mpa,.mpe,.mpeg,.mpg,.mpv2: audio/mpeg .mp4: video/mp4 .mov,.qt,.mqv: video/quicktime .movie: video/x-sgi-movie .ogv: video/ogg .pdf: application/pdf .png: image/png .pps,.ppt: application/ .pptx: application/ vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation .tif,.tiff: image/tiff .text,.txt: text/plain .wmv: video/x-ms-wmv .xls: application/x-msexcel .xlsx: application/ vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet .xml: application/xml