Working with the Visual Route

If you are unfamiliar with visual routes, learn more here: What is the Visual Route?

working route syntelic tool

Scale Slider

The scale slider functions like a zoom setting for the visual route.

scale slider syntelic tool

Grab the slider with the mouse, drag it to the desired scale, then release the click.

scale slider syntelic

Route Navigator

If you reached the visual route by drilling down on multiple points, the route navigator enables users to cycle through each of these routes. The route navigator will only appear if multiple routes were selected on the view which drilled-down to the visual route view currently displayed.

route navigator syntelic

To move between routes, click the arrow keys or select the desired routes from the drop-down.

Toolbar Icons

syntelic tool bar graphic

Working with Drill-Downs on a Visual Route Dashboard

Many visual route actions are used in conjunction with other route, route stop, or route event level views placed on a dashboard. When a view is configured to act as a drill-down from the visual route action, highlight one or more of the colored bars in the visual route to populate the child views.

visual route dialogue