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Syntelic is a provider of software-based solutions designed to make your distribution process more efficient and more reliable. We focus on the outbound problem, because that’s typically where most of the cost resides, but we also integrate the inbound challenges where we see opportunities for synergy.

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How Does Syntelic’s
Truck Route Planning Software Work?

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Capabilities of Syntelic’s Trucking Software

We have three primary software modules that address different aspects of delivery operations:

Route Planning
Load Planning
Transportation Analytics

Within these products, we cover a variety of other tasks, including weight distribution, dispatch planning, transportation management, scheduling, master routing, loading methods, etc. When you partner with us, you gain the ability to customize your features to meet your specific needs.

Route Planning is a full-featured routing and scheduling system. Whether you have outbound deliveries, backhauls, pick-n-drops, or you operate using master routes and dynamic routes, Syntelic’s Route Planning product will meet your requirements. Route Planning integrates directly with Transportation Analytics to use actual data to provide the best estimates for delivery service times, drive time, and drive distance.

The Dispatch Planning extension provides a resource scheduler for your daily operations. It can handle local routes, overnight layover runs, or multi-day teams. Dispatch Planning assigns drivers within Department of Transportation (DOT) hours-of-service constraints, and ensures tractors and trailers aren’t double scheduled or scheduled during maintenance times.

Load Planning occupies a unique spot in the outbound workflow. After you’ve planned your routes, determined which orders will be serviced by each route, and ascertained what the stop sequence will be, you need to determine where every case will be stored on each vehicle.

To do this, you most likely need to juggle many constraints. You may have multiple compartments, side doors, products that shouldn’t be mixed, certain customers whose orders can’t be mixed with others, and so on. You may also work with a mixture of full pallet, layer, and case pick operations.

You probably work with a variety of sequencing constraints based on product availability, stop sequence, customer unloading requirements, and warehouse workflow. Load Planning sorts through all of these requirements, dynamically building the best plan individually for each outbound load, ensuring that the load will work when it hits the dock.

Transportation Analytics is the visibility engine for transportation. It collects your planned routes, your actual routes, and whatever else you want to track about your distribution operations. It also provides you with the ability to hone in on just the information you need when you need it. Analytics employs a wide variety of dashboards, scorecards, charts, drill-downs, filters, and sorting and summarizing techniques to drive your information needs.

Why Choose Syntelic?

Distribution Excellence and Optimization

Syntelic provides software-based solutions designed to make your distribution process more efficient and reliable. We focus on the outbound problem—as that’s typically where most of the cost resides—but we also integrate the inbound challenges where we see opportunities for synergy.

Syntelic works with a variety of businesses, especially companies managing private fleets of trucks or other vehicles, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers operating either warehouses or fleets dedicated to specific customer needs.

Specialized Software for Trucking Companies

We believe that each of our customers is different. As such, we expect that each customer will use our solutions in a different way. Yes, we design, build, and deliver a packaged software solution. But we design our software to be highly configurable, meaning we can tailor the solution to your specific needs. At Syntelic, there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter implementation.

Easy and Consistent Access

Not only is our software always available to our customers, so is our team. If you have trouble with any part of the product, you can contact us, and we will assist you as soon as possible. We want the program to work for you.

We believe that offering constant support to our clients builds a positive relationship that benefits both parties.

Who Is Our Trucking Software For?

We are not only limited to businesses that have a fleet, we also work with 3PL companies. Our trucking software is designed for private businesses that serve customers through delivery or logistics.

Truckers will use our truck management software to address their problems firsthand, and sometimes they might employ the help of another organization that uses our products.

Regardless of your delivery operation’s size, Syntelic can be catered to your business and used to take some of the stress off your team.

Our Trucking Software Integrations

Our products work together to synthesize the best possible trucking solutions for your delivery operations. Each program takes the process one step further. You start with Route Planning for streamlined scheduling, then Load Planning helps you prepare your vehicles, and Transportation Analytics keeps a detailed record throughout of all data that matters.

Other features, such as the dispatch planning and truck weight distribution applications, fill in the blanks to create a fully optimized approach to running your business.

Contact Syntelic to Discuss Your Trucking Software Needs or Schedule a Demo

Although we’re based out of Maryland, our software is universally applicable. We offer services to a variety of trucking and logistics companies throughout the country. Syntelic’s goals are based around helping you achieve your business goals in the most efficient way possible. More often than not, this means a full-scale enhancement to your truck software systems.

For more information about our trucking business management services, contact us today.

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Trucking Software Frequently Asked Questions

What is trucking software?

Trucking software is a broad term used for any computer program that aids or assists any processes in the trucking industry. There are many trucking software programs available that do everything from tracking deliveries to helping design optimal load plans for tractor trailers.

Given the massive scale of trucking and delivery companies nowadays, the only practical way to turn a profit is by streamlining necessary and repetitive tasks. Trucking software helps to automate and optimize time-consuming processes.

How does Syntelic’s software compare to competitors?

We pride ourselves on using effective technology without venturing too far. By harnessing the most reliable and proven tactics, we offer results based on historical data. Our data-driven designs are made specifically for trucking companies to capitalize on growth and optimization opportunities within their delivery systems.

How can we implement Syntelic’s software into our operations?

Our solutions are flexible and compatible with a variety of existing systems. Our team of professionals will help you integrate the Syntelic software into your existing software. We work with you to ensure that all necessary personnel have the required training. Our goal is to provide you with as many tools as possible to effectively use our products.

How much does Syntelic’s trucking software cost?

Our warehousing and transportation products are specifically-tailored to each client, which means there is no uniform price. The software is customized based on your needs.You can email our sales team at or call (240) 686-1180 ext. 104 for more information.

What kinds of results can trucking companies expect to see?

One of the most significant benefits of trucking software is the performance visibility. By recording and organizing data as it is received, you can see any changes in productivity right away. You will be able to more easily identify your problem areas and notice an uptick in efficiency when you start using Syntelic software.

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