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Many distribution problems fall into in an area know as combinatorial problems. That simply means that there are a lot of different ways to build a solution, sort of like a puzzle. But most of these potential solutions cost much more than others. We spend a lot of our time on optimization: finding the solutions that minimize your cost of operations.


We may be technologists, but we’re practical in our approach. Our goal is to make sure that our solutions work well when placed in operations. They need to account for real-world constraints. If they don’t, our tools won’t provide tangible benefits and they won’t be used.


We’re all about visibility. How many software systems do you know where it looks like a few reports were tacked on at the end, almost like an afterthought? At Syntelic, visibility is our framework. There’s a lot of data flowing though our products; we want to make sure that you can see and measure all that’s happening in your operations.

Our Commitment to You

What perhaps makes us different is our focus. We are very operations oriented — we are always asking about the day-to-day operations, about the workflow, about all of the small steps that must be added together to get the right cases out the door and delivered accurately and on-time. So we’re very focused on the whole outbound flow — from the point where the orders are known, to the point where each order is successfully delivered.

We look for opportunities to build new tools, or expand our existing ones, to make that outbound process flow more efficiently. That doesn’t mean that we don’t care about what happens before the outbound process — say, like receiving or replenishment or similar functions — the proper execution of these functions can have a direct impact on outbound process. But you won’t see us building an accounting system or an order processing system — we just build tools that support the efficient flow of products out the door into the end customers’ hands.

We believe that our strengths primarily arise from two attributes: our analytical abilities and our responsiveness to customer requirements. We also tend to focus on core markets so that the delivered functionality is not obscured, watered down or made more complex by superfluous capabilities applicable to other industries or requirements.

What’s in a name?

We’re often asked “Where’d you get that name?” Our first name, Syntelic, was formed from the combination of two words: synthesis, which is the process bringing together separate concepts into a greater whole, and telic, which denotes movement toward an objective. Our syntelic solutions, then, are the products and services that we develop and deliver to meet the needs of our customers.

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Dedicated to Improvement

The functionality of our products has grown steadily each year — we’ve never been a company to have a static product set. Along the way, whenever we found a better way to approach a problem, we were never afraid to disassemble what we had and build it a different way. The result is an always evolving product that continues to keep up with the needs of our customers. In fact, most of Syntelic’s product development activity has been driven by customers that engage with Syntelic to help define and prioritize new features and capabilities.

We also continually watch the rapid-changing technology environment to see what new trends will be of benefit to us or our customers. We are moderately conservative with our technology choices — we tend to sit back and watch new concepts for just a little while in order to avoid chasing fads. But when we see a clear signal that a new technology will provide tangible benefits, we aggressively look for ways to take advantage of those new capabilities in our products.

Syntelic strives to use state-of-the-art technologies as the foundation of its products. All of its products use a shared code base and common data model, eliminating any special interfacing needs among our products. Syntelic also uses a relatively short build cycle, forcing larger projects to be built as a series of smaller steps in order to keep project timelines under control.

Our History

Founded in 1996, Syntelic has over 26 years of experience. In our first few years of business, we developed early versions of our Load Planning and Transportation Analytics products for our three first customers. At that time, the software was somewhat custom-built for each customer.

After those few start-up years, we generalized our software as a uniform packaged product used by all of our customers and began expanding our functionality and our customer base.

Today, Syntelic’s software is used in operations managing over 15,000 vehicles and more than 400 warehouses. Our customers are major corporations primarily operating in the United States, with some operations in other portions of North and South America and Europe.

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Product Services

Not only do we design and build our software products, we also offer a comprehensive set of professional services to assist you in the implementation process. We’ll make sure our solutions are configured to meet your needs, including interfacing with existing systems, and we’ll provide the training needed so that you’re able to use our products effectively.

Syntelic also offers maintenance services to its customers in order to provide telephone and email-based product support along with access to regularly released upgraded versions of our software.

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