How Does Syntelic’s Route Planning Software Work?

With its comprehensive routing solution, Syntelic brings innovation and ease-of-use to vehicle routing and scheduling. Built from the ground up with state-of-the-art algorithms, flexible tools for handling real-world challenges, and an optimization engine guided by actual route performance, Syntelic’s Route Planning Software is designed to adapt to the most demanding distribution environments.

From its beginnings, Syntelic has specialized in building powerful optimization solutions to solve complex distribution problems. To address routing problems, Syntelic applies its optimization techniques to determine the best number of routes and the best set of stops to be assigned to each route. As with all of its products, Syntelic’s Route Planning Software is highly configurable and can be implemented to meet your specific business needs.

Each route plan produced by Syntelic includes a complete time schedule. Route dispatch and return times at the domicile are scheduled, as are the arrival and departure times at each stop. Syntelic also plans any required Department of Transportation (DOT) breaks and layovers. And Syntelic is just as comfortable planning single-day trips or multi-day loads, and single-driver or team routes.

For those operations always looking for a better way, Syntelic Route Planning Software is an excellent framework to perform what-if testing—testing various business scenarios to see what makes the most sense for your operations.

Syntelic Truck Routing Software Features

Our Route Planning Software has a variety of features to help you enhance your truck fleet productivity. Top-of-the-line software, in combination with our intimate knowledge of the industry, puts us in a great position to help you.

Integrated Geographic Information System

Many of our Route Planning Software’s core features rely on an accurate and up-to-date map and travel information. Syntelic obtains this information through its interfaces with leading geographic information system (GIS) vendors. This provides up-to-date maps for visual displays of routes, as well as geocoding services to determine where your customers are located. The GIS road networks are used to determine travel times, distances, and paths between locations—taking into account limitations imposed for truck routes or carrying corrosive materials.

Route Planning functions often work directly on a map background—making those functions intuitive and easy to use. As the user makes changes to a route, it is automatically rescheduled and the user is alerted to any potential conflicts, such as exceeding capacity and missing windows.

Dynamic Route Planning Software

Syntelic’s Route Planning Software addresses the inevitable challenges that come with fluctuating daily order quantities, order updates, and the periodic need to add new delivery locations. Our cutting-edge dynamic routing logic balances your business constraints with customer service requirements.

Your constraints may include limited delivery windows, vehicle capacities, delivery territories, and other similar rules. This optimization process intelligently evaluates thousands of different scenarios to find the lowest-cost solution for your situation.

Master Router Optimizer

Master routing blends dynamic routing with master scheduling. On a daily basis, instead of evaluating an almost unlimited set of routing possibilities, master routing applies that day’s orders to each stop on that day’s master routes.

If a master stop has no order on its normally scheduled day, it will be automatically dropped from the schedule. Each route is rescheduled based on its remaining stops and each stop’s order volumes. If a route’s total volume exceeds its assigned equipment capacity, or if certain delivery windows can’t be satisfied, the user will be notified of the exception, and interactive tools can be used to adjust the schedule to fall within these constraints.

Outbound, Inbound, or Point-to-Point Planning

Our Route Planning Software handles a broad range of business problems. It can comfortably work with outbound deliveries, inbound pick-up services, or a series of pickup and delivery stops. Route Planning can process any combination of these options, such as a traditional outbound delivery operation with backhaul opportunities—even when the outbound order information must be processed before the backhaul orders become available.

Benefits of Truck Routing Software:

Time Saved Route Planning

Between the route planning software, adaptive learning, and master scheduling features, Syntelic’s software automates a variety of routing tasks that would normally take hours. The time that you would have previously spent planning routes and delivery schedules can now be reallocated to other duties.

Increased Profitability

The outcome of this saved time and resources is exactly what you’d expect—efficiently scaling your business. If you can optimize your trucking operations to be more streamlined, you can better serve a larger client base. Additionally, the employees that you had to pay for repetitive and trivial tasks can transition into more personalized roles.

A good route planning software does not just increase productivity, it also reduces expenses. This combination can exponentially increase your profits.

Improved Tracking & Fleet Management

On top of the income you can make by increasing your ceiling, our software will also improve your customer experience. Running a good trucking business means delivering reliable service at every opportunity. The organization and automation of our route planning application make it easy to identify potential bottlenecks and keep drivers on schedule.

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Using Truck Route Planning Software With Other Programs

Along with a dedicated route planning software, Syntelic also offers innovative load planning and transportation analytics software. Even if your loading process isn’t that complicated or you don’t have a complex network of clients to keep track of, you can still benefit from implementing our other applications along with the route planning software. These programs fit right into existing systems and cooperate to create an interconnected trucking services platform.

Check Out the Route Planning Software for Your Needs

Delivery operations usually require a comprehensive organization mechanism to sort and plan truck routes. Syntelic’s route planner software is exactly that, built for mapping out optimal paths. Between improvements to master scheduling and master routing, we can provide a streamlined approach to customer satisfaction. You will supply the right products to the right place and save resources all the while.

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Route Planning Software FAQs

How is a truck route planner implemented?

Our products are all adaptable to your specific needs. Implementing our mapping route planner involves inputting the necessary information to let the program do its thing. A dedicated team will work with you to help you implement the new tools. Preparing you for success means that both of our companies thrive. After we teach you the skills to succeed, we will stick around to guide you through the process whenever necessary.

How do I know if I need map routing software?

It can be hard to tell if you need the help of a map router. You might believe that all your trucks are already on the most optimized routes and schedules possible. On the flipside, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of vehicles you have and know that your delivery routes could be more efficient. Either way, you can benefit from the help of Syntelic’s Route Planning software.

Do I need a route optimizer?

If you want to grow or scale your truck business, you should consider investing in a route planning software. Whether you have your own fleet or you are a third-party logistics (3PL) provider looking to expand your clientele, you will not be able to keep up with modern delivery demands without the assistance of reliable and effective software.

Where do I get tech support for my truck routing software?

If you need any help with or advice about our products, you can visit our customer support page. We’re not just here to assist with software errors either; we will consult with you on potential solutions to the issues you are experiencing with your business as a whole. We want to help you achieve your goals and grow your business in whatever ways possible.

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