What Is a Transport Analytics Software?

Our Transportation Analytics software deals with the immense amount of route data within your distribution operation. Regardless of your size, we can guide you to better business decisions that will ultimately benefit your operation.

At Syntelic, visibility is one of our main goals. That’s why we developed Transportation Analytics to provide valuable metrics throughout all stages of the delivery process. Not only will you learn your company’s weakest and strongest points, you will also have solid reports and deliverables you can share with clients.

What Trucking Analytics Does Syntelic’s Transportation Analytics Software Offer?

Syntelic’s Transportation Analytics provides powerful tools that allow you to access the data you need to see, when you need to see it. Too much data can be overwhelming—Transportation Analytics brings clarity by allowing you to focus on the specific information you need.

Syntelic goes beyond fixed template reporting. Transportation Analytics offers dashboards, drill-downs, charts, scorecards, filters, user-defined calculations, and much more. Syntelic screens the data, removing what’s not important, allowing you to focus on the outliers, the critical cases—allowing you to manage by exception.

With Transportation Analytics, you can construct your own metrics, or key performance indicators (KPIs), and set quantitative objectives for your operations. Constantly measuring yourself against those goals is an effective method for ensuring continuous improvement. Targets may be focused on reducing expenses, improving customer service, or both.


Streamlined Planned vs. Actual Analysis

Perhaps the most used feature of Transportation Analytics is planned vs. actual analysis. This directly supports a process of continuous improvement by setting a plan in place, evaluating the validity of the plan and how well it was executed, putting improved planning procedures in place, and repeating the process. Syntelic has been supporting this process since its founding and, in particular, has constructed unique tools for merging and comparing planned and actual route activities.

Customer Service Improvements

Transportation Analytics may be used in many different ways to support improvements to customer service. One typical application is to compare the scheduled delivery time to the actual delivery time, and determine which deliveries were on-time, early, or late. Keeping a running history of these activities permits operations to have broad factual discussions with customers, rather than responding to emotional isolated events (“You were late today!”) in a qualitative way.

Accurate OS&D Reporting

OS&D, or over, short & damaged, goes by a number of names—shrink, invoice adjustments, delivery errors. They all represent less-than-perfect service for the customer and they typically result in an additional cost to your operations through re-deliveries, credits, double-handling of products, and so on. Carefully monitoring OS&D and tracking the root source of the problem is a powerful step toward enhancing your service AND lowering expenses.

Route Profitability

Transportation operations typically include a wide variety of route patterns. Some stops are densely clustered, some are remote. Some stops have small quantities, some very large. Some are quick deliveries, others are more complex.

Some deliveries, for example, may be so out-of-the-way, or so small, or take so long to unload, that they may even be losing money for your business. It’s critical to quantify the cost of each customer so that service commitments and pricing can be set appropriately.

Operating Expenses

Our Transportation Analytics software provides information visibility, enabling you to better manage your operations. Having an intimate understanding of your fleet costs allows you to make the best decisions when things need to change. This software presents financial data in a way that allows you to make important decisions without having to place your trust in a separate team.

Idling Data

One frequently overlooked metric in trucking is the amount of resources lost while a vehicle is idling. Transportation Analytics can track this information to provide a better picture of what is being lost if a driver leaves their truck running.

Vehicle Utilization

One of the final factors that is not always considered is the portion of the fleet not being used. You may have certain vehicles that are ignored or forgotten about which can reduce your overall productivity. Truck transport data collection ensures that you are getting the most up-to-date information on your entire fleet, allowing you to make the best choices possible.

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Benefits of Transportation Data Analytics

Each of our customers uses Transportation Analytics differently. It is truly adaptable to the unique aspects of your business. You can coach employees to change behavior for improving safety, profitability, and service. Or you can communicate with customers by demonstrating consistent improvements in service. How you use Transportation Analytics today may be different than how you use it tomorrow—it can grow as your business grows.

Transportation Analytics and Reporting

One of the primary reasons our Transportation Analytics software is so effective is how gathered data is presented. You can view operational statistics in a customized clear and concise way.

Using Transportation Analytics, you can view data in a number of ways. You can have a standalone view that is organized like an Excel spreadsheet, view data as a configurable chart or graph, or view the data as part of a multi-panel dashboard along with other data to see multiple areas of data on one screen. Bottom line, you can have it “your way”.

Contact Syntelic to Discuss Our Truck Transportation Analytics Software

If you often find yourself confused or overwhelmed by performance data, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our transport analytics software is built to fit seamlessly into your existing system. During the implementation process we will teach you how it can be used to foster exponential growth and customer retention.

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Transportation Analytics Software FAQs

How can a transportation analytics software help trucking companies identify and capitalize on optimization opportunities?

Delivery operations consist of many moving pieces. Keeping track of everything is near impossible without the help of a transportation analytics software. When you are struggling to keep up with your daily tasks, you don’t have time to make large overhead decisions about productivity optimization. When everything is displayed clearly in front of you, it becomes much easier to identify where your company can improve or where it is lacking.

What makes Syntelic Transportation Analytics the best on the market?

This is a transport data software designed specifically for trucking operations. We keep things simple, clean, and justifiable. Syntelic is analytical and responsive in a way that allows us to solve any problem quickly with the proper methods. Additionally, we can identify areas of improvement beyond where you’re struggling to rapidly increase growth and profitability.

How much does it cost to implement a transport analytics software?

Transportation Analytics is an investment. The money you save will eventually make up for the money you paid. Because we provide customized product packages, the exact prices of our software will vary. The best way to get an accurate quote is to reach out to our team today for an estimate.

What metrics can we look at to measure the success of the software?

While many metrics are indicative of a successful implementation, customer satisfaction and profitability are the two data points we focus on most. If your clients are happy with the service you provide and your business continues to grow, Transportation Analytics has accomplished its goal.

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