Product Updates

Customer support also includes the development and delivery of new product releases. We’re always updating and enhancing our products. We usually operate on a monthly release cycle and a new release is generally available in the first week or so of each month. Typically, there will be about 4 new releases each year.

  • Each release is cumulative, and most customers do not jump to each new release as it comes out. We suggest that our customers monitor each release, study the release notes, and wait until there are some especially interesting new features that apply to their operations, taking an update perhaps twice a year.
  • We try to make these updates relatively painless. Most updates require a database upgrade, which is handled by our support staff.
  • Most new releases and database updates are usually fairly straightforward and can be installed fairly quickly, avoiding any significant downtime. But sometimes there will be a major database change that may take longer to run.


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