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Customer Support

In General

Customer support means a number of different things. First of all, we’re always here to answer customer questions about how our products work, or even just to to give advice on the best way to approach a problem. We’ll also track down any issues that our customers may be having in their daily use of our software. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer support — and if we slip up, well, our customers tend to be rather vocal, so we’ll certainly hear about it and we’ll work very hard not to make the same mistakes in the future.

Contacting Us

Out contact information, for current customers and prospective customers can be found on our Contact Us page.

Product Updates

Customer support also includes the development and delivery of new product release. We’re always updating and enhancing our products. We usually operate on a monthly release cycle and a new release is generally available in the first week or so of each month. We prefer short regular release cycles so that the releases are manageable — with a focused set of changes that are straightforward to test and document. Sometimes, when there is nothing demanding for a particular month, or if we are working on a larger set of integrated updates, we’ll skip a month in our cycle. But, typically, there will be about 10 new releases each year.

Each release is cumulative, and most customers do not jump to each new release as it comes out. We suggest that our customers monitor each release, study the release notes, and wait until there are some especially interesting new features that apply to their operations, taking an update perhaps twice a year.

We try to make these updates relatively painless. Most updates require a database upgrade, which is handled by  our administrative console utility. Most new releases and database updates are usually fairly straightforward and can be installed fairly quickly, avoiding any significant downtime. But sometimes there will be a major database change that may take longer to run.

Recent Product Releases

Below is a list of recent releases with a link to further information.  To see all previous releases visit the Release Notes page.

  • Release 2019.01.2011

    Release 2019.01.2011 was made commercially in March 2019.  This release contains enhancements to the XRS Interface, the Roadnet Anywhere Interface, and other general enhancements.

  • Release 2018.12.1207

    Release 2018.12.1207 was made commercially in November 2018.  This release contains a few general enhancements.

  • Release 2018.11.1207

    Release 2018.11.1207 was made commercially in October 2018.  This release contains several database upgrades including upgrading the version from 1205 to 1207.

  • Release 2018.10.1205

    Release 2018.10.1205 was made commercially in September 2018.  This is a general enhancement release.

  • Release 2018.09.1205

    Release 2018.09.1205 was made commercially in August 2018.  This release contains several database upgrades including upgrading the version from 1202 to 1205.

  • Release 2018.08.1202

    Release 2018.08.1202 was made commercially in July 2018.  This general release covers several areas of the software functionality.

Topics of Interest

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