Imports The general Import action dialog has been modified to function similarly to the Modify View dialog.

  • Import calculations now use indentations for easier viewing.
  • The Lookup Value function has been added to import calculations.
  • When creating a calculation, named values will now display properly instead of displaying “Current Value”
  • Instead of being forced to click and drag a calculated statement, statements can now be moved using the up and down arrow keys.
  • Custom formatting has been added to import fields, similar to what is available on views. For instance, if a specific date format is not available by default from the dropdown list, the format can be typed into the import field.
  • Fixed a defect where calculated fields would not save if they were created when an import action was first created.

Transportation Analytics


  • Multiple instances of the “Modify View” dialog can no longer be opened. This will prevent instances where it was opened multiple times, users made a set of changes to a view, saved it, but then saved the original configuration while clicking OK on the second popup.

Route Planning

The Map has been redesigned. Order Display – Orders can now be displayed in three ways.

  • Service Only – This will display either the delivery location or the pickup location of the order.
  • DC only – Formerly known as “Origin”, this will display only DC location of the order.
  • DC and Service – This will display both the service location and DC location of the order.

Map Dialog

  • The modify map dialog now allows for the addition and removal of map functions on the toolbar, similar to the functions tab on a view. Overview of each function can be found here: Map Functions

Order Selection

  • Orders and stops that are close together geographically will now produce a selection dialog allowing the user to select which stop(s) or order(s) they intend to select. (Insert Link on documentation)

Latitude and Longitude Moves

  • Now prompted with a message before making any changes to latitude and longitude.  This prevents unwanted changes from occurring.
  • Locations can be temporarily moved on the map while in any mode. “Selection mode” has been removed. A line will be drawn tethering to the original location.
  • A save button has been added, allowing all moves made to be made permanent. The user will first be prompted with a warning, allowing them to cancel before saving.
  • A “reset moves” button has been added, allowing all temporary moves to be reset to their original location. This must occur before pressing the save button.

Merging and Splitting Orders

  • Orders serviced by the same location can now be merged into one stop using the new “merge orders” function on the map.
  • Stops containing two or more orders can now be split using the “split orders” function.

Map Paths

  • A Path type of Order Flow has been added. This will show, with arrows, the direction that an order flows from DC to service destination. This is useful if an order has a designated DC point different than the route domicile.

Order Display Type

  • There are now multiple options for displaying unrouted orders:
    • Service only – Will display the service location on the order.
    • DC only – Will display the DC location on the order.
    • DC and Service – Will display both the DC and service location on the order.

Map Tiles

  • Map Tiles are now saved in the Syntelic database. After a slow initial load, repeated viewings of the same map tile should load faster.

History Builder

  • A defect was fixed with the history builder, preventing multiple segments and service history records from being built at once.