The Strong Password Feature has been enhanced.

  • When used, strong passwords must have a minimum of 8 characters, and must use at least 3 of the following: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Users with a password expiration date less than the “warning days” threshold will now be warned that their password will expire soon. They can choose to ignore or reset upon login.
  • Users with expired passwords will be forced to reset upon their next login.
  • Admin users can reset any user password fitting strong password criteria, pushing the expiration date out 45 days.
  • Admin users can clear user passwords, effectively deactivating an account until a new password is subsequently set by an admin.


  • Users can now export directly to an Excel file rather than a .csv file. This has the benefit of automatically formatting the columns when opened in Excel.

Audit log functionality has been expanded.

  • When a view set to export mode has Auditing turned on for Exports, the audits will now record at the child level when run in a drilldown chain. For example, drilling down from a Route View to a Route Order view will record audit information in the Order table rather than at the Route table.
  • Views now include the parameter “Post Audits at Source”, which is set to true for all existing Actions to mimic previous Audit functionality. When set to true, this will force the audit to be written at the parent table of a drilldown chain, rather than at the child level.

Transportation Analytics

The PowerVue interface has been updated to include new capabilities and to resolve a defect

  • Drop and Hook events will now populate with a Trailer value.
  • An issue preventing drive distance to the first service stop being populated has been resolved.
  • All Delay events are now being imported.

Dispatch Planning

The process used in calculating available driver hours-of-service (HOS) has been updated to reflect the removal of the 1-5 AM weekly reset requirement that was dropped from DOT regulations.

Route Planning

Users can no longer drilldown from multiple Trip Sets to a Dashboard Action containing a Map Action.