Application Version Display

The display of the application version number was modified to correctly format leading zeroes in the format YYYY.NN.DDDD.BBBB style. This change was also included for the error message that is displayed when the application is started with a conflicting database version.

New Drill-Down Collections Feature

An alternative form of drill-downs (called collections) was implemented for view-to-view relationships on a dashboard. Under this option, when a row is selected (clicked) on the parent view, that selected row is used to drill-down to the child view, as usual. However, even when the row in the parent row becomes unselected, the corresponding data remains in the collection of data in eth child row. Within the child row, the collection may be reduced by using either of two new functions (icons) named Clear Selected Rows and Clear All Rows. The option to clear selected rows is only available if the parent and child views in the drill-down relationship have the same primary table. Neither of the two clear functions have any effect on the display of the parent view. This new collections drill-down feature is implemented in review form and is activated by placing the following keyword in the title of the child view: .

Route Planner – Route Map Correction

In certain situations, especially with routes having post-trip-layover-pre-trip sequences of stops (each not having an associated location), the application would display an unexpected error message. This issue was occurring from Map Reschedule functions (but could also potentially occur during a full Route Planner execution), but has now been corrected.

Load Diagram Shifting

In the Load Diagram, when using the drag-n-drop technique to move a whole position to another position, the normal behavior is that the two positions are swapped. In this enhancement, if the Ctrl key is held down during the drag process, and if the two positions are in the same column, then the dragged position will be placed in the target position and the positions between the two points will be shifted consecutively so as to fill in the empty spot.

Load Diagram Position Note Display

A related ship position view may be attached to Load Diagram action, permitting setting of position notes. The position note, when set, is displayed immediately after the position ID in the position header (both in the screen display and when printing).