Version and Data Model Changes

Version updated to 2018.08. There is no database upgrade required, database version remains at 1202.

Omnitracs Driver Messages

Added handlers for T.2.01.0 (free-form text messages) and T.2.RM##.0 (macro messages) to ESS transaction ESS processing. These represent driver initiated messages and are stored in Syntelic events having an event type of Message.

SyncRoute Updates to Route Status

In certain situations, SyncRoute sets the value of Route Status. However, the new columns value was not being stored in the database when the route was an existing record (an updated). This was corrected.

HTTPS Connections Enabled

Application configuragtion was changed so that the UI uses (and requires) an HTTPS connection.

CopyTripSet and Copying Plan Orders

Corrected an error which was causing an exception to be thrown when using CopyTripSet to copy routes containing plan orders.