XRS Import

In certain instances, the XRS import was producing an error. The error was being caused by a trailer ID that was longer than 25 characters. The field length was increased to resolve the issue in this release.

Route Planner Rescheduling

When rescheduling a single driver route to a team driver route the layovers were not being removed. This was resolved in this release.

Driver Notification Functionality

The system was enhanced to allow for text and/or email messages to be sent to a specific employee that is part of a list with other employee’s data present. In previous versions, all data rows would be sent to the recipients of a text or email. This enhancement allows for sending, for instance, route start assignments or driver leave notifications to all the drivers on a route list. Each driver will only receive the data where he/she is the planned driver and will not receive information intended for other drivers. The list of cell carriers was also expanded to include new cell vendors.