Syntelic Transportation Analytics

By Scott Balthaser | December 1, 2022



  • Increased route profitability by addressing driver performance, delivery accuracy, costs , and other factors.
  • Daily visibility into transportation operations using interactive dashboards and user configurable views.
  • Improved driver safety through safety scorecarding and driver coaching supported with facts based tools.
  • A scalable, centrally administered solution for large, geographically dispersed companies.

Executive Summary

The daily deluge of transportation data from disparate systems such as route planning and onboard computers (OBCs) hides actionable intelligence that can lead to gains in efficiency and cost savings. The challenge lies in uncovering those insights fast to support facts based decision making. Syntelic merges all available transportation data in one flexible workspace for continuous optimization of your fleet operations.

How easily can you mine the wealth of data you already have from your various systems? Can you drill down on specifics? Can you find gaps in your equipment utilization? How quickly can you find the 20 percent of variances that represent 80 percent of your performance challenges in service time, driver productivity, delivery accuracy, and fuel efficiency? Are you leaving money on the table?

Syntelic does not replace your current systems. It helps fully utilize those investments for additional operational improvement.

Plan vs. Actual

Syntelic merges data from your routing system, OBCs, order management system, and other sources including human resources and financials all the data you need for in-depth analytics.

Syntelic offers drill-down and data filtering tools, user-defined calculations, and interactive dashboards and scorecards that you can use to make your routes more profitable. You can drill down on any data point or roll up to summary views, filter on data ranges, and look for exceptions and trends. Visualize plan vs. actual side-by side to measure performance for any driver, any route, and any delivery stop. Syntelic is your command and control dashboard for examining route profitability. As you manage by exception, you can go back to your routing system to optimize route plans and coach your drivers to change behavior.

Syntelic is a powerful analytical tool to help you:

  • Eliminate excessive service time
  • Reduce out-of-route miles
  • Reduce errors and damage claims
  • Save on fuel costs
  • Improve driver safety
  • Track performance trends


Syntelic gives you the big picture view you need to place a premium on customer service. The same gains in efficiencies that shave costs also improve customer satisfaction and retention: ensuring on-time deliveries, unloading faster, and having fewer delivery errors. System alerts such as late delivery notifications let you proactively manage customer service issues when they happen. Make changes in your routes with confidence, because you will have the information you need to support your decisions.


Why do you need Syntelic when your other systems already provide you with an array of data displays and reports? It’s simple. Syntelic is not limited to a set of fixed templates. You won’t need to turn to your IT department or pay a fee to obtain new views when the need arises. Syntelic software is designed to be flexible, so that every chart, graph, dashboard, scorecard, and data field is configurable to your business rules, your operations, and your processes. You can modify a view, add or hide a column of data, create and share a new calculation, quickly and easily. Syntelic’s menus and views can all be set and centrally administered based on user roles and permissions.

With Syntelic integrating your data and enabling you to continually find opportunities to improve your transportation operations, you will benefit from the flexibility and control it seamlessly provides.

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