Wil Balthaser

Wil Balthasar of Syntelic Image in Suit

Account Manager

Wil came to Syntelic after working in multiple warehouse positions. His warehouse experience ranged from an entry-level case picker to a floor lead, so he understands his customers’ needs at a personal level. Logistics and distribution work is fast-paced and challenging, and Wil knows that his customers need simple solutions to complex problems.

Starting out in customer support at Syntelic, Wil learned to think on his feet to solve problems for customers. In his current role as an account manager, Wil is focused on ensuring that software solutions are tailored to meet his customers’ specific needs. He loves hearing from existing customers about what is working for them and what he can do to improve their experience. In talking to potential clients, Wil is excited to share the many benefits of Syntelic’s highly configurable software solutions.

When he hears about a customer’s challenges with distribution management, Wil can relate because he has been in the distribution trenches. He offers an empathetic ear but also understands that customers need solutions, not sympathy. With his knowledge of Syntelic’s products and customizability, Wil is a valuable source for clients and potential customers. Reach out to Wil to learn more about what Syntelic Solutions can do to help you manage your logistics.