Roadnet Anywhere

Roadnet Anywhere now includes a checkbox for “Add New Routes Only”. This flag only affects plan routes. When checked, it will prevent Routes already present in Syntelic from being replaced or updated.


The XRS interface has been updated to match Actual activity to the first instance of a planned stop at a location that is serviced twice. For example, if a route is planned to visit a store twice on a route, XRS data collected for that store will be matched to the first “planned” delivery.

Omnitracs WMC

If any “Clear” mode of the Omnitracs WMC action is selected, it can now be audited.


  • The ID circle on the map view for ‘Bill to Location’ will not show up on the map, only the ‘Ship to Location’.
  • Defect involving Resequencing routes containing locations with a “Ship To” location fixed.


  • The ability to audit the Route Stop table has been implemented.
  • If any “Clear” mode of the Omnitracs WMC is selected, it can now be audited.

Flex Field Copy

When copying a Trip Set, a new flag called “Copy Flex Fields” has been added. If left unchecked, any flexible fields attached to the Trip Set will not be copied into the new Trip Set.


  • ODBC connections will now be closed running any interface utilizing one.
  • The Purge action now contains the ability to Reorganize any Table.
  • A log table entry is now created when any user utilizes the Route Renumber function.