Memory Leak Correction A memory leak involving the display of graphical content when switching between a dashboard containing a map and another action not containing one has been resolved. This should result in a stable user experience during prolonged use sessions.

Transportation Analytics

Ability to E-mail Views Three new methods of sending view data via e-mail have been added.

  • E-mail from a View – By pressing the E-mail icon on the toolbar of a view, users can send the contents of the view to a user, multiple users, or a predefined groups of users.
  • E-mail by Executing a View – The view display of any view can be set to E-mail.  When set to this, a view and its contents, run either by itself or from a drilldown, will be sent to a default predefined group of users within Syntelic.
  • E-mail from a Scheduled Batch – A view display set to E-mail can be part of a Syntelic Batch action. This batch action can be scheduled via the Windows task scheduler to run at regular intervals.