CSV Export Using XML Format Exporting a view to a CSV file would occasionally result in a file being formatted using an XML style. This has been corrected. Subtotal Lines Not Highlighted Subtotal lines have been reformatted so that they will stand out from regular lines on a view. Section Export with Bad Output Filenames Exporting a view with sections and using the section as a placeholder in an output filename will now result in a properly formatted file without the filename appearing in the output. Enhanced Purge Process The Purge Log action has been re-written and expanded to be more comprehensive and to process more efficiently:

  • The Purge Log action has been renamed to Purge.
  • The Purge action can now purge any of the following, either selectively or as a group: Trip Sets, User Logs, Audit Logs, Import Logs, Import Line Logs, Map Tiles, Published Segments, and Segment History (including Segment History Detail). The Purge action properties dialog now has a checkbox for each of these to indicate which components will be purged. In addition, a numeric field is available to specify how many days of information to retain for each component, and a Maximum Run Time that allows the purge process to be halted if the overall execution time becomes excessive. The Purge process has been enhanced to minimize network traffic and to remove data in smaller units to allow for efficient database processing.

AuditLog Processing Efficiency The Audit Log process is used to mark and identify database entities (such as routes or stops) that have undergone certain processes. This auditing process was enhanced so that it now executes more efficiently. IO Efficiency Reading IDs/Tags The processing time will be faster when collecting large amounts of data (data that has large number of rows). Miscellaneous System Changes Specifying an invalid module code in the application’s web.config file would cause an exception that prevented the application to be started along with the display of a misleading error message. This has been corrected. The recognized modules are TA, RP, and LP. Specifying unknown numeric values in a View Calculation will no longer throw an exception. A user’s selected division(s) will no longer inadvertently change when executing an action. The Estimated Segment table was no longer being used and has been removed from the application. Primary tables not applicable to auditing no longer display the audit tab in the View properties dialog. Protect Views from Bad Tables/Cols/Joins Unknown or invalid View columns will no longer cause processing errors and will be displayed as “Unknown” columns.

Transportation Analytics

Assign Route Function: Assign Route is a new function that has been added to Route Event views. It allows users to set a specific Trip Date, Trip Set ID, and Route ID on selected events. The selected events will be moved to the specified route (creating new Routes and/or Trip Sets as needed) and downstream processes will continue to retain those events on their assigned routes. Reset TripDate on Route Import The before/after days range fields are available for setting when importing data to the Route and Route Stop tables. Also, a new field named Update Trip Date, which is a checkbox, has been added to the import where Trip Dates of routes can change to Trip Dates from the Imported Trip Date. Drop TripSetType from TripSet Primary Index The application will now allow only one Trip Set for each combination of Trip Date and Trip Set ID within a Division. Also, the Trip Set ID field has been expanded to allow 100 characters.

Load Planning

Rear Axle Gross Weight Wrong In certain rare cases, the real axle gross weight was not being properly calculated when using the dynamic column in the Route Table. This has been corrected. UseSquareTail in Loading Trailer Type Dialog The Use Square Tail option in the Loading Trailer Type Compartment is now available for review and editing directly within the properties dialog.