Trucking Logistics Services: Syntelic Provides Comprehensive Transportation Logistics Solutions

By Scott Balthaser | July 6, 2023

When it comes down to it, the economy runs on trucking logistics services.

Trucking logistics determine whether commodities gather dust or move down the supply chain. They determine whether businesses are able to keep turning out new products. And they ultimately determine whether those products find their way to restaurants, retail stores, and customers’ doorsteps.

Technological development and a globally interconnected economy don’t make transportation and logistics services obsolete—they depend on them.

What Are Logistics Services?

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, business logistics is “the organized movement of materials” and “also can be thought of as transportation after taking into account all the related activities that are considered in making decisions about moving materials.”

This definition emphasizes the movement of raw materials and finished products through a company’s supply chain. In this sense, logistics services are very much related to shipping, receiving, warehousing, packaging, distributing, and delivering goods.

But according to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary—which says that logistics is “the handling of the details of an operation”—the word logistics comes from French and Greek words that refer to the “art of calculating.”

Details. Calculating. These words point to the complexity of modern trucking and logistics—a complexity that Syntelic software fully embraces.

Syntelic Software: Logistics for Trucking Companies

Syntelic produces three applications, each engineered specifically for the trucking industry:

  1. Syntelic Route Planning
  2. Syntelic Load Planning
  3. Syntelic Transportation Analytics

Trucking logistics problems are, in essence, optimization problems that are virtually impossible to solve with pen and paper.

On any given day, you must deliver goods from your warehouse to dozens of locations using your fleet of trucks. There are hundreds—perhaps thousands—of routes that will get the job done. Syntelic Route Planning algorithmically searches for the optimal solution, weighing factors such as these:

  • Hours of service requirements
  • Labor costs
  • Fuel costs
  • Scheduled delivery times

There are hundreds of possible load configurations for each truck that leaves your warehouses. Syntelic Load Planning accounts for a truck’s planned route and optimizes for these factors and more:

  • Maximum weight
  • Weight distribution over each axle
  • Load stability
  • Loading and unloading time
  • Order of deliveries (so one order isn’t blocking another from being unloaded)
  • Minimizing over, short, and damaged (OS&D) orders

Syntelic Transportation Analytics flexible, ad hoc reporting capabilities turn data from the route and load planning applications and vehicle OBD systems into summary or drill-down reports that lay bare the strengths or weaknesses of your operation and allow you to maximize efficiency and profits.

Our software is a marriage of the complex with the practical. Our applications calculate—they consider every option and give you streamlined solutions. That allows you to focus on the practical—moving goods to where they need to be.

Syntelic Software: The Backend of Your Trucking Logistics Operation

In software engineering, the backend is the hidden computer code—the part that crunches ones and zeros and feeds information into the front end, the user interface you interact with.

Our trucking logistics company is the backbone for your transportation logistics operation, feeding you ideal routes and load plans and actionable reports that keep the front end of your business—warehouses, trucks, and deliveries—efficient and profitable.

Syntelic Customer Service: We Do it for You

Our software is focused on outbound logistics, so there isn’t an accounting or order-processing application. We don’t build extra features that you don’t need. We’re a trucking logistics company, plain and simple.

Customized Solutions

That doesn’t mean our solutions are one-size-fits-all. We tailor every implementation of Syntelic Route Planning, Load Planning, and Transportation Analytics to meet the customer’s needs. Our customized implementations include:

  • Interfacing with your existing systems
  • Training your personnel in how to use the software
  • System maintenance, updates, and support

Customer-Driven Development

New features in our software sometimes arise from seeing how new technologies could benefit the trucking industry. But often, customer feedback and requests inform our product development process. Your company is unique, and we’ll listen to what you need.

We-Do-it-for-You Support

When you come to Syntelic for trucking logistics services, we don’t just sell you a product and leave you on your own. After your software solution is deployed, we provide ongoing phone and email support—like many companies.

But our support services are probably not what you’re used to.

Did some aspect of your business change, and you need to adjust something in the software? Call or email us, and we’ll set it up for you.

Need a new report? We’ll create it for you—without the thousand-dollar fee most companies would charge. Forgot something and need the report edited? We’ll take care of that, too.

Syntelic’s Trucking Logistics Software: Essential Equipment for Your Business

We’re ready to take on the back end of your trucking logistics services. We’ll handle the calculations so you can keep everything moving where it needs to go.

Contact Syntelic today to discuss how we can best serve your trucking logistics operation.

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