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Topics of Interest

We’ve collected a few articles of interest regarding Syntelic software and posted them below. All comments, as well as requests for additional new articles, are always welcome — just give us a call or send us an email.

Building Reports

Reports in Syntelic are highly customizable and allow for users to organize data in many ways.  This article includes some of the basic steps for creating reports and some of the various items that can be configured for each report.

Exporting from Syntelic

Reports in Syntelic can be exported. This article includes some of the basic steps for exporting documents in three different ways.

Using Visual Route

The Visual Route is a tool within Syntelic’s Transportation Analytics product, and provides a graphical timeline that compares the planned route activities to the actual activities. Visual Route is usually used on a dashboard in combination with other data views.

Utilizing Dashboards

The dashboard is a Syntelic action that enables a user to display multiple actions on the screen simultaneously. Each dashboard has a title, several toolbar icons, and one or more component actions.

Using Chart Views

The view is a Syntelic action that displays information from one or more system database tables.  While many views appear as simple tables, forms, or as exports, Syntelic data can be easily visualized through a variety of graphical tools called charts.

IT White Paper

This article provides an overview of Syntelic’s product architecture as well as the system hardware and software required to enable it to operate properly.

Methods for E-mailing Views

Views and the content they contain can now be e-mailed using three different methods.  This article will show what these three methods are and how they are set up.

Strong Passwords

The Syntelic software features an option to require strong passwords for all users.  This summary explains what exactly a strong password is and the configuration involved if a company chooses to use this feature.

Task Scheduler Configuration

This article explains how the Syntelic application can utilize the Windows Task Scheduler program to automate certain recurring actions, including imports and notifications.

Map Functions

When using maps in Syntelic there are a variety of functions available.  This summary of the functions explains how they are used and what they can do.

Load Planning Feature and Benefit Summary

Our Load Planning product contains a multitude of features.  This summary gives a brief description of those features and the benefits they may bring to your company.

Measurements for Vehicle Axle Weight Estimates

Syntelic’s Load Planning product has the ability to provide reliable estimates of axle weights.  In order to estimate the axle weights, the Load Planning product needs certain measurements for the equipment being used to carry the load.

Import Specifications for Route Orders

The Route Orders table is used by Syntelic Load Planning as a primary input to the load diagramming process.  A summary of the attributes importable for each Route Order are summarized in this article.

Import Specifications for the Items Master List

A core table within the Syntelic database is the Item table. It is most commonly used in conjunction with Load Planning where it is an essential source of information for the load diagramming process.  A summary of the attributes importable for each Item are summarized in this article.

Import Specifications for Locations

The Location table and its corresponding data is a key element for the Syntelic Route Planning system.  A summary of the attributes importable for each Location are summarized in this article.

Designating Base Items On A Pallet

The load planner reviews the contents of the container to potentially designate an item as the base of the container.  The constraints placed on the selection of this base can be found in the following article.

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